Constitution And Democracy

Constitution and democracy. We live in a country where we, (the people) elect officials to govern for us. As citizens we do not handle the affairs of government. To make our wishes known in our government. We elect representatives, who speak and act for us.

As citizens it is important that we need to know how our federal government gets its power. How it is set up to operate honestly and effectively for all the citizens of the United States. We can find this information in our U.S. Constitution. It is a contract,(written agreement in -1789) between the government and the citizens of the States.

More to the point, ours is a consent of the people. A government by the people with a written contract called a constitution. This document is only as good as we the people make it. If not enforced it become meaningless.

We as good citizens can make our constitution more effective, by being well-informed about what our representatives in government are doing. We can do this by taken an interest in and voting in all election. By writing letters expressing our opinions to our elected officials.

Also we can take court action…..what is call a test case, against any law that we feel is not constitutional. And by petitions, support by signatures of citizens who are for or against any action taken by our elected officials.

By seeing that our government operate in the interest of all people of the United States. We the people must accept this responsibility to remain a free people for our constitution enable us to have. We should read the Preamble. Which is the reason for writing the constitution.

Even in a democracy, everyone cannot be satisfied all the time. But our government     should be able to do the most good for most of the people most of the time. But we know that our government can’t always please everyone. Common sense tells us this would be an impossible task.

I would like to quote from the late John F. Kennedys, 1961 inauguration speech. Ask

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not what your country can do for you!  “Ask what you can do for your country.”

This blog  answer what you can do for your country as citizens.  Be well-informed, and vote in all elections

Now that you have read my blog.  Constitution And Democracy

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The Battle Over Health Care

The Battle Over Health Care has been a long time coming.  But the “Affordable Health Care Bill” was created and passed by the House and the Senate in congress. Sign into law by the president. Upheld by the supreme court as constitutional. This bill is now the law of the land. Why would the republicans want to repeal the bill that they passed? This is akin to a dog chasing its own tail. For the republicans to repeal this bill would be an exercise in futility.

They, (the republicans), feel this give President Barack Obama a victory over the republican party in the last election. And president Obama will become legendary as the only president to have a health care bill passed in his administration.  With Obama-care attached to this bill by the republicans in congress.   This goes back to President, Teddy Roosevelt, 100 years ago who tried to get a health care bill pass in his administration and fail. And  all other president have fail also.

They, (the republicans), have attacked this health care bill’s  mandate as a tax by the president. Our founding fathers didn’t insert the word mandate into the constitution just to satisfy those political pundits in 2012 for their political agenda.  This mandate is a penalty to be collected by the IRS as a tax required by the constitution.

Let me make this clear. This penalty is collected once per-individual. A tax is collected continuously per-individual. Don’t be fool by these political pundits that say this mandate is the largest tax in history. This mandate is a punishment for not obeying the Affordable Health Care law. I would like to say this about taxes as it applies to our constitution.

English: President Barack Obama discusses his ...

English: President Barack Obama discusses his plan for health care reform in a speech delivered to a joint session of the 111th United States Congress on September 9, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“SECTION 8. Power of congress”

“The ‘expressed’ powers (power listed in the constitution.)

“1. power to lay (raise) and collect taxes (money used to pay expense of government, duties, imports (taxes on imports), and excises (tax on the manufacture, sale, or use of goods within a country) for the purpose of national defense and general welfare of the United States, but all duties, imports, and excises must be uniform (the same) for all states.”

As you can see in our constitution only the members of congress can raise or lower taxes. When ever you hear a political pundits say the president is raising taxes. Just replace the word president with congress is raising taxes. Not this or any other president can raise taxes. The republicans are trying to re-write the constitution in their own image as a republican party government.

These GOP members have implied they want to take back their government.  No political party has every own the U.S. government.   Thomas Jefferson help create the constitution which became the supreme law of this nation.  It has always belong to the citizens of this great nation, (The U.S.A).

Constitutional government has two blessings: “1. It united the states as a single entity, (nation), setting the stage for strength and growth not possible under smaller semi-independent states, thus protecting us from tyranny abroad; 2. It stated the rights of the individual and the limitations of government, protecting us from tyranny at home.  The U.S. Constitution is flexible, amendable, durable, and open to judicial interpretation.”

Be wary of the GOP members who speak of taking back their government.  This is called…. a totalitarian government in which the political authority exercises absolute  and centralized control over all aspects of life.

These GOP members haven’t put forth a health care bill in the House of Representative.  The only policy that they have put forward in to shut down the government because of Obama Care.  This makes them self servicing for their personal agenda.  And that is to campaign against President Obama even though he is not running for any office.   These GOP members have turn their backs and walk away from the constitution and it’s people that they were elected to serve.  They have become delusional over President Obama  and can longer function as a governing body.  As U.S. citizens, you have the power to remove them from office at the ballot box.  By writing your grandmother or great-grandmother’s name on the ballot in place of those who speak of shutting down the government, because of Obama Care.

Republicans have fought the law, ( the supreme court) and the law has won. Why continue to fight the law? When there is nothing to be gain. This fight can only be in ones own mind. After all congress has taken an oath to defend the constitution. Not to fight the constitution. We didn’t choose members of congress to fight lost battles in their heads. “Our constitution is of the people, by the people and for the people.” As is the Affordable Health Care Bill.   We need, Health Care Battle to make sure the uninsured and under insure have health care in the U.S.A.

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Republicans And Blame The Game

Republicans say the private sector,(business), is not doing fine. But the private sector,(business), is doing fine. Together there are sitting on over a trillion dollars to invest into the economy by hiring more employees when ever congress pass a bill for the budget. It is the economy that is not doing as well. So it is congress that is holding the economy hostage for political gain.

Congress blame the President Obama for not submitting a bill for the budget. As the president is in the Executive Branch of government. No president has the power to write any bill as in the constitution. It is the constitution that gave congress that power. The president has said, “I would sign a budget bill that has passed in the Senate and the House.” It is over a year and no budget bill have reach the president desk from congress.

The republicans have blame the president for millions of unemployed under the Bush Administration from 2000-2008. Republicans have blame the president for not paying down the ten-year war debt in his three and half years in office. For this congress is kicking the can down the road. So that future generation will have to pay down this war debt at  higher interest rates. Republicans blame the president for not creating jobs. It is the private sector,(business), will hire when the congress pass a budget bill. Michelle Bachmann, a republican member of congress blame the president for hurricane Irene. Was this suppose to be a religious joke? Running for president is no joke, Michelle.

Republicans should think before speaking. If not they will end up with foot in month disease. We don’t need those in congress who are quick to blame others for their own lack of action as stated in the constitution. When one tells a lie and dozens repeat it as the truth.

Republicans have back Romney into the four corners. When he was Governor of Massachusetts. Saying the health care mandate was good because it made individuals responsible for their own health care. In the general election he is implying that is now a lie. What Romney said about women health issue, (abortion), was the truth in the primary. But in the general election implying that is now a lie. Romney said, he would repeal the dream act if it was passed once he was elected president. In the general election he is now stating  that is now a lie. What we have with Romney is credibility problems. When yesterday truths are now today lies.

Republicans Blame Republicans  is not a good government policy.

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The CEO Romney

The CEO Romney  economy is base on the growth of businesses large and small. What is the CEO responsibilities to their company? The CEO is the, (Chief Executive Officer) of the company.  He has to make sure the company is on a positive growth trend year after year.

Although a CEO doesn’t have control of a down turn in the economy. But Wall Street is part of the blame for the CEO reaction.  You see the street give every large company an expectation of what each of these companies profit are to grow year after year. Wall Street is more concern about shareholders and investors. And not about those employees of these companies. The other part of the  blame is companies that make bad business  decisions, like AIG, the Real Estate Bubble, Big Banks, and J.P.Morgan just to name a few.

When a company fail to meet Wall Street expectation. The reaction of the CEO along with the CFO, (Chief Financial Officer) has to resurrect the company finance. By cutting their cost to make sure the company look profitable to venture capitalist and investors in their company.

The CEO will always cut the payroll at the bottom of the pay scale. They see these employees as expendable. In the last five years 20 million employees have been sacrificed to make capital gains for the CEO. Romney said, “I like to fire people.” Because he received a bonus for those laid off employees.

Why didn’t Romney, the CEO make cuts in the top payroll? And save some of those employees who had only one to two years before retiring. Greed makes a person heartless. What profit a man?  If he gain all that wealth and lose his soul.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Dave Delay)

The wealthy speak of trickle down economy to create jobs from his or her multimillion  dollar per year salary. How many nannies can they hire on their personal income in-house. Well we don’t have 20 million unemployed nannies.

Employees at the bottom of the pay scale are the foundation of all companies. They are the ones that produce a product or service to its customers. The CEO as an administrator   doesn’t give neither for its customers.

Lets take the CEO of Ford Motor Company for an example. He doesn’t produce any part of the car that a customer will buy. But when that customer buys a car. A large part of  the car price goes into a CEO salary. When every there’s a down turn in the economy. The CEO will lay-off assembly line workers which are the foundation of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor is the house that Henry Ford built with the CEO and top management as the roof and the assembly line workers as the foundation. When every there’s a leaky roof. Where large part of the  company profit are going through the roof.  The CEO will always want to repair the foundation.

The CEO Romney is not ready for the presidency of the U.S.A.

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Constitutional Freedom Of The People

Constitutional Freedom Of The People.  The congress under FDR, order the issue of war bonds to help pay down the war debt during World War II.  The rich and wealthy at that time brought war bonds because of their pride in America, even after the attack on Pearl Harbor.   This is Constitutional Freedom for all the people.  This congress under President Obama’s Administration want to cut spending on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the poor and on the middle class to pay down this war debt.  Without an increase in revenue.  To help pay down this war debt after the attack on 9/11.  Where is that pride of the rich and the wealthy today?  No war bonds,  just money for supper-PAC.  This is more about campaigns, and not deficit reduction.

Members of congress need to get serious.  This ten-year war debt can’t be paid down in one administration.  After Eisenhower, was elected president.  It took five years after World War II was over to recover from that war debt.  This war on terrorism is on going for ten years, and will continue for years to come.  This war on terrorism there will be no peace treaty.  The only way we can declare victory is to prevent future attacks on the United States.  And that responsibility has been Presidency of Barack Obama, as the Commander-in Chief.

English: The western front of the United State...

English: The western front of the United States Capitol. The Neoclassical style building is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. The Capitol was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sole responsibility of congress in the legislative branch of government.  And that is where and when our tax money is spent.  When and where to increase revenue in times of war, and most important create a budget every fiscal year So that we will not default on our government loans, and our domestic financial responsibility.  Without a budget our economy has stalled, because of congress  inaction.  Our businesses are waiting for congress to pass a budget.  So they can start hiring again.  With so many unemployed.  People are crying for more jobs. And our credit rating is down graded from AAA to AA.  Thinks to congress.  Their approval rating is the lowest in modern times.   Congress want to kick the can down the road to our children and their grandchildren children to pay down this budget deficit.

When Members of congress sign a pledge to support a special interest group.  They are not able to support all the  people as in the constitution.  It’s not a special interest group that elected these members into the office of congress.  There are members in congress who want to restrict women health issue base on their religious belief.  And add family value & religious policy to the constitution.   Our founding fathers never intended for members of congress to write morality policies into our constitution.   Family value should be implied in one’s home.   Religious belief should be implied in one’s place of worship.  The constitution was never intended to restrict one’s freedom of choice.

As Ronald Reagan said, “you can’t legislate morality.”  Those who have such a strong belief in their religion should seek office in their place of worship.  Those seeking office in government must be reminded this isn’t a Republican or Democratic  Government.  It’s  the United States GovernmentCongress must remember that, “ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  With a true democracy.  We will have Constitutional Freedom Of The People

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In The Army

One of the main entrance signs at Fort Carson

One of the main entrance signs at Fort Carson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Army Career.  In  the fall of September 1963 I received my letter from the President, John F. Kennedy, that I was to report to the army on February 04,1964. And president Kennedy, was shot and killed in November of 1963. Later I learn that President Abraham Lincoln was also shot and killed in 1863. John F. Kennedy’s Secretary last name was Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary last name was Kennedy. Abraham Lincoln abolish slavery in 1865. John F. Kennedy initiated Civil Rights in 1963. Back to my army career Begin at Fort Ord infantry Company “B” 4th Battalion 3rd Brigade. After I finish boot camp. I was trained as a member of the Signal Corp. And I was chosen for NCO school where I became platoon leader.  After finishing  AIT  I was sent to Fort Carson, Colorado.  Assign to 6th Howitzer Battalion Battery “C” 20th Artillery.   Awarded the Certificate of Appreciation given at Fort Carson, Colorado. Presented to Jason A. Lewis Jr, US 56 368 633 “Jason A Lewis Jr, enthusiasm, knowledge, perseverance and unswerving devotion to duty, while performing his assigned tasks for long, trying weeks under the strain of intensive observation and extreme weather conditions, is indicative of his outstanding professionalism and complete dedication to the Service.  He has earned the distinction of being singled out as a soldier in every sense of the word whose characteristic are worthy of emulation by all Artillerymen, the member of the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) and the United State Army. Walter V. Applegate, Major, Artillery Commanding Office.” While at Fort Carson my company was given a driving test for skill and proficiency in an army jeep with a trailer. We had to drive the jeep while pulling a trailer through these stanchion about the length of a parking space. In and out between the poles like a snake for time without touching any of the poles with the jeep or the trailer. I drove through with the fastest time. And my sergeant said, “okay Lewis, let see you back through without touching the poles.”  So I put the jeep in reverse and back the jeep and trailer all way the through without touching any poles.  My sergeant said, “I don’t believe it some of these guys can’t go through forward without hitting the poles.” I was given the title of The Most Skill And Proficient Driver on the base. I would drive a 3/4

English: Soldiers of the 59th Quartermaster Co...

English: Soldiers of the 59th Quartermaster Company conduct a “hot” (engine running) refuel of an AH-64D Apache helicopter at the Butts Army Airfield, Fort carson, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ton truck, 2 1/2 ton truck 5 tons trucks, and a jeep for my Commanding officer, and other commanders that had to go on haze driving conditions. I remember on cold day with black ice on the road I was to drive a 5 ton truck pulling a 6 ton 155 mm howitzer as the lead driver to clear the ice on the road for those trucks with howitzers in the convoy behind me. I could see the howitzer was jack-knighting as I made that first right turn. And I went down the road for about half a block with my truck in my lane and the howitzer in the on coming lane. It was early in the morning with no traffic in the on-coming lane.  After that I was order to be the driver of the Commanding General on the base in his army car and jeep. My Army Career in 1964.

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Policies For Women’s Health

Policies For Women’s Health needs today Where do we start?  Lets go back two thousand years.  When every father had to find for his teenage daughter an older man to marry.   No man would marry a teenage girl who may have engage in making love, and may be pregnant.  Because they didn’t have contraceptive for their teenage daughters at that time.

Now lets move back to the twenty-first century.  When all parents and state legislators should make contraceptives available to all teenage girls.  Because they may be engaging in making love before marriage and could become pregnant.  And the states would have financial responsibility for these teenage mothers and their babies.  It is estimated the cost to raise a child about $24,000 until 18 years of age.  It would be less expensive  for the states to make contraceptives available to all who want to plan their parent hood.

If the states would make contraceptives available to all women who can’t afford to pay for contraceptives.  Then contraceptives could be administered through the child school health program for teen girls.  Under the vaccination and inoculation programs.  And at that time monitor teenage girls for STD which may cause cancer later in their lives.  Some may say all teenage girls should abstain from making love.  The sound of one hand clapping….makes no sound.  Do they know it takes two?    GOD has place desire in both male and female.  And no man-made law can take away what GOD has given, (desire).

These programs are pro-active policies that can……

1. Decrease the number of teen and unwanted pregnancy.

2. Decrease the number of abortions.

3. Decrease the number on welfare

4. Decrease the number of SDT, (hvp virus), in teenage girls.

Where are the GOP Policies For Women’s Health?  Their policies are to ban contraceptives, ban abortions, ban women’s health clinic, ban welfare, and ban college girls from voting while away from their home.  By saying a college address is not a valid home address for voting.  Restricting a woman’s right to vote is unconstitutional.

We had one of our GOP member made a comment on rape.  He said,if it is a legitimate rape a woman’s body  has a way to shut that whole thing down.”  Implying that a women state of mind can stop conception after a she has been raped.  I say, this GOP member is a court jester for the republican party.  This is his opinionated point of view.  No scientific facts to back up his opinion.  Conception is a biological process.  And not a state of mind process.  This GOP member has a case of foot in mouth disease.

If this GOP member doesn’t have a complete female reproductive system.  And hasn’t been raped.  Then he is not qualified to speak about what a woman body will do after rape This GOP Member lost his seat in congress.  Because there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that address a woman body after she has been raped.  Michigan State Legislature has pass a law that women have to buy “Rape Insurance” if they want to have an abortion after rape, incest, or to save  her life.  No Health Insurance Company offer rape insurance.   This is the group that call themselves, “The Right To Life,” but doesn’t include an abortion to save a woman’s life in a problem child-birth.

We had another GOP member who said,”if a woman is raped and conception take place. That was GOD’s plan.”  What is this guy smoking?  When is the last time this GOP member

set down and had a conversation with GOD?  And GOD told this GOP member of His plan after a woman has been raped.  What scripture in the bible that say it’s okay for a man to rape a woman for conception?   This GOP member is using smoke and mirror in the name of GOD for his political agenda against mothers and future mothers. Did he know GOD is non-political?  Are these GOP members not ashamed of using the name of GOD in vain?  And they call themselves Christians.  Is that not hypocritical?  Mothers and future mothers are GOD creation.  And no mortal man has dominion over them.  Not even  politicians.   No matter what politicians think of themselves.  They are not GODS.  It has been said, “there would be false GODS among us.”

I say to you politicians.  Give to GOD that which belong to GOD, (mothers, and daughters), for they are God’s creators of life.  And give to the people that which belong to the people, (their government), “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  For you were elected as legislators, (law makers), nothing more or nothing less.  You can not serve GOD’s children as long as you worship campaign funds.  And for that money you have move over to the dark side of humanity.

We had a congresswoman from Texas.  Stated that her state had a rape kit, (bottle water),

Persecution of witches

Persecution of witches (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that would clean out a woman 24 hours after she has been raped.  I would like to remind this congresswoman, that bottle water is not a contraceptive after rape.  These clowns must have been absent during biology class on reproduction.  Let me rephrase that.  These clowns were absent-minded during biology class on reproduction.

I want to go back in time to the fifteenth century.  When we had the Spanish Inquisition.  When church leaders implied if a woman made a sound of pleasure such as, a whine, mm, groan, wail, whimper, and a sob, while engaging in making love  with her husband.  She was declared a witch by the church leaders as practicing witch-craft.  And her husband should bring his wife to the church to be burned alive for being a witch .

Some of these men were afraid of their wives, and would bring their wives in to be burned at the stake.  You see how narrow-minded these men were.  Because some of these sound that these women made, were the same sounds you would make for your favor food or dessert.  The sound of mm may be utter for what is pleasant…defined in Oxford Dictionary as: “1. satisfactory and enjoyable. 2. friendly and likable.  I didn’t read anything  as liken to a witch.  As you can see predatory witch hunters have been around for many centuries, because of a woman sexuality.  And for this these modern-day witch hunters have declare war on mothers and future mothers for their health needs.

What I have written about here is man power over women.  I say, to all the ladies.    In respect for your mother, rebuke those GOP members who would have the U.S. Constitution to restrict a woman freedom of expressing her personal feeling.  GOD has given women the power to create life.  And that is greater than any man-made law.  Without women there would be no little baby boys to become men to write laws that imply that women are witches because of their sexuality, (personal feeling.)  Every man who walk upon the face of this earth.  Owe their very existence to a woman call, “mom.”  Maybe these witch hunters don’t have mothers.  Could they be androids?   These men should make every day to praise, and give respect to their mothers and future mothers, (their daughters.)  What kind of man would misrepresent mothers, and future mothers as witches?  These witch hunters are a disgrace to the human race.   Ladies you should unite and speak with

Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson, insp...

Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson, inspired by the Salem witch trials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one voice that you will not support or vote for these modern-day witch hunters.  For your congressional representative.  Ladies if you are not registered to vote……register, and urge your daughters to register and vote.  Be well-informed and vote in all election.  You must be an active participant in Women’s Health Policies.   These GOP members are  infected with foot-in-mouth disease.  It’s contagious.  Because they keep attacking women.   When asked.  Why are you attacking women?  Their answer….It’s Obama who is against women because of Obama Care. This answer is illusory, and has nothing to do with their, Women’s Health Policies.  Their answer is more about a campaign against Obama as President of the United States.  You the taxpayers are paying these witch hunters a six figure salary, and they are attacking your mothers and future mothers health needs.

This message should to be shouted to every woman across this land to shake the very foundation of this man power over women.  This has gone on too long.  The time for a change is now.  If not now! When?  Ladies you should encourage every woman to vote in every election.  If your congressional representative is one of these modern-day witch hunters.  You need to write in your grandmother or great-grandmother‘s name at the ballot box in place of these witch-hunters.  To show your disapproval of these witch hunters.  Because these GOP witch-hunters are not worthy of your vote.       This is about  women’s health Policies.

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GOP In Violation Of The Constitution

GOP In Violation The Constitution and the GOP members of congress takes the verbal oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.  And there-after sign a pledge to a special interest group, (Grover Norquist‘s  Americans for Tax Reform), which is not part of the U.S. Constitution.  That pledge is for GOP members to say, “NO” to raising taxes.  Are these GOP members are aware of the jurisprudence of taking the oath of office?  The U.S. Constitution does give congress the power to raise taxes.  And the power to borrow money to pay expenses of government.  I will give you that part of the constitution later in this blog. For the GOP to say “no new taxes.”  They obstruct U.S. Government from moving forward.  How can they say, no new revenue?  When we have an ongoing ten-year war debt, in a recession, 21 million unemployed, an increase in the aged population.  With an ever-increasing number of severe hurricanes, and tornadoes. How does government protect the needs of its citizens without raising revenue?  The GOP respond by cutting spending on the middle class, the poor, seniors, college student loans, veteran benefits, and the unemployed.  At the same time giving the wealthy lower taxes.  This makes the GOP members like a reverse Robin Hood; taking from those at the bottom of the social-economic group, and given to the wealthy.  This is the GOP’s idea of small government. I would like to remind the GOP members that they were elected to congress to serve all the people of the United States.  And not to just serve their congressional district.  If their ideology is loyalty to their congressional district.  Maybe they should only run for office in local district politics.  They seem to be small-minded for small government.  After all, we are not a small nation.  Our Federal Government need to be smart enough to include all the people of the United States of America. I would like to quote the sub-text of:  The “Preamble.”         

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. “In order to form a more perfect     union.” 2. “To establish justice.” 3. “To insure domestic tranquility.” 4. “To provide for the common defense.” 5. “To promote the general welfare.” 6. “To secure the blessing of liberty (freedom) for ourselves and our posterity.” The GOP members need to re-read the constitution, and get to know why our founding father wrote this document, (constitution) for our nation as a democracy.  It was written for the House of Representatives and the Senate to work closely with one another if they are to get anything done.  The constitution is a document of the people, by the people, and for the people in all of the states. How does our constitution apply to Members of Congress, and their duties to serve the people of the United States of America? ARTICLE I THE LEGISLATIVE (lawmaking) BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT SECTION 8. Powers of Congress I give you the sub-text below. 1. “The power to raise  and collect taxes to pay expense of government.” 2. “The power to borrow money on the credit of the United States Government.SECTION 7. PASSING a BILL “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representative; but the Senate may propose or agree with amendments as on other bills.” Why would the GOP members violate Section 7 & 8 of their Legislative duties? SECTION 6. Congressional Privileges and Restrictions Congress have given them-selves immunity within the constitution. SECTION 2. The House of Representatives “The House Representatives has the sole power (power given to none other) of impeachment (act of accusing a public official of wrongdoing , which may result in his removal from office).  A majority vote of the House of Representatives is necessary to impeach an official.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SECTION 9. POWER DENIED CONGRESS We the people can add an amendment to SECTION 9. of the constitution. That all members of congress should not engage in or sign any pledge that would interfere with the United States Constitution.  That all Members of Congress would sign a legal document.  That they would refrain from joining or take part any special interest group’s activity or would be subject to forfeiture of pay until a budget bill is passed by the House of Representative, and the Senate.  And is sent to be sign by the president before the budget due date. I have outline items that were violated by GOP Members of Congress.  This document was written by our founding fathers.  With my extensive study of the of The U.S. constitution…..have found problems with the GOP Members of Congress.  And have offer a  solution to these problems.  No one individual or one group of individuals can correct these problems.  What is included in our constitution are “The Bill of Rights. Part III Amendment 1. Freedom of speech or freedom of the press.” We have in our constitution…what is call a test case….with the signature of 60% of register votes can amend the U.S. Constitution at the ballot box .  No matter how much one disagree with any particular item…no item can be removed from the The U.S. Constitution. We now have GOP Members who want to repeal The Affordable Care Act from the constitution.  Because they have Obama-care attach to this law.  What these GOP members forget that President Obama has to sign a bill to repeal The Affordable Care Act.

Now the GOP want to defund The Affordable Care Act which is part of the U.S. Constitution.  Every thing in The U.S. Constitution is automatically funded by congress. What we have here are GOP Members acting as immature temper tantrum children.  And they are willing to shut down the government by not raising the debt ceiling to pay on the government’s debt.  And have the U.S. Government default on its loan.  For what they call repeal Obama-care.    And denies health care for thirty  million U.S. Citizens.  But the GOP would accept this bill if Romney were president, and it was called Romney care.  Romney sign a bill like this when he was governor of  Massachusetts.  This ACA in Mass. has been in service for 6 years.  And the state of Mass. has most of its citizens are in a health insurance plan.  At a lower health insurance premium for its citizens.  If it is good enough for Mass. it has to good enough for the other 49 states.     Romney is the father of The Affordable Care Act.  These GOP members are still campaigning against President Obama.  Even though he has been elected twice, and not running for any office.

The U.S Constitution is the people’s government.  When your congressional representative  violate the U.S. Constitution base on his/her political party platform.  As a good citizen you need to re-register as an independent voter.  You will be able to vote for the person and, not the political party.  With, “a fist full of dollars,” big money may be able to buy a political party, and politicians.  But big money can’t buy your vote.  Because you will not sell out your soul for, “a fist full of dollars.”

This will take big money out of government.  Because big money doesn’t care about you. They only represent the rich, big business, and Wall Street.  Only you can cast a vote for the government that represent you and your family.


What we have here is the, GOP Against the Constitution.

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Politics & Policy

Liberty BellThe distinction between Politics & Policy is all too quickly loss in today’s discourse. The important issues of daily life and philosophy rarely get discussed without the participants diving up into teams.  Policy is debated.  Politics argued.

The objective here is to provide a place to offer and to find solutions to policy matters without the grind of politics and worse yet partisan rhetoric.

There may not be any element to our lives which isn’t learned upon by some policy or another.  More often than not, policies compound.  Leading to more policies until society looses tract of the original goal.

These policy onions are then deep fried in a political batter made of self-interests.  Here we can begin to peel them apart until they make sense.  Until they work again.

At time, here at Policy Over Politics, passes we will continue to add topics and their subsets of policies.  You, the readers are encouraged to contribute.  You are welcome to suggest topics and or specific solutions.

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U.S. FlagWith the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 6, 2012, the nation began to absorb the stark realization that it is in the midst of an idealistic and demographic transformation.  The change involves the newly formed coalition of numerous groups from within the mosaic which is America.  Those groups represent the following:


African Americans



Native Americans


The above as well as a large number of America’s highly educated underprivileged and under-served people of the United States of all colors and ethnic origins.

This blog has been built in support of America and the new coalition which has and will continue to make this country an even brighter beacon of hope and salvation for the world. This is an unabashedly liberal/progressive blog.  It is unabashedly liberal because of the negative connotation attributed to the liberal and or progressive label by right wing reactionary ideologues in recent years.

The articles posted will be written through the lens of the aforementioned philosophy.

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2013 in review

http://easy-politics-for-you.comThe stats help, Jason prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

English: San Francisco cable car cresting a hi...

English: San Francisco cable car cresting a hill with Alcatraz in the background Deutsch: San Francisco: Cable Car, im Hintergrund Alcatraz Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Republican Party

The Republican Party leader is,  “Ted on Cruz Control.”  The junior senator from Texas.  Ted Cruz, and some of his members call themselves “Tea Party members of rebellion against Obama’s Administration.  His fellow senator call Ted, “wacko bird.”  The mad insane senator.  This wacko-bird is all puff up and flapping his wings.  Telling his fellow GOP members in the House of Representative to repeal Obama Care.  The GOP members in the House, (republicans are the majority Party) passed a bill to repeal Obama Care over forty times.  And it fail forty times to pass in the Senate which the democratic is the majority party.  Obama is a democrat.  We don’t need these wackos in the U.S. Government.

This is insanity, doing the same thing over and over with the same result, (failure).  Then The Ted said, ” we want to delay Obama Care for one year.”  This bill fail in the democratic  control senate.  Then the Ted Cruz, said,”we want to remove one item from the Obama Care) or we will shut down the government by not paying on the government’s debt.  This is legislating by hostage taken of the government.  In order to repeal Obama Care the President has to sign the repeal  into law. Not going to happen!  So this repeal is a suicide  mission that has damage the republican brand.

For six months the Ted and the GOP members of congress place them-selves in front of TV news cameras saying, “Obama, wont negotiate with the republicans in the house on paying on the government debt.”  This is a case of foot in mouth disease by the GOP members.  The U.S. Constitution specify that only the House of Representative and the Senate can create and negotiate to pass bills in the Legislative Branch of  Government.

GOP Top 5: 5-17-11

GOP Top 5: 5-17-11 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Legislative define in the Oxford Dictionary as: “1. having the power to make laws.  “2. relating to laws.”  The president is the Executive Branch of Government.  And is the Chief Executive, (person who see that laws are enforced, or carried out.)  The president sign bills into law.  The president is not required to negotiate while a bill is still in congress.  But he can make recommendation of what he will sign into law.

We have two chambers in congress.  The Senate and the House of Representative.  Only those two chambers can negotiate on any or all bills while in congress.  These two chambers have elected members as republicans and democrats.  And what is passed by those two chambers will go to the president desk for signature into law.

The GOP members are holding the U.S. Government hostage to derail Obama Care.  They say this law is a train wreck waiting to happen.  A similarly health care bill was passed in the state of Massachusetts in 2006.  And that Health Care train is still running on the track with 90% of the uninsured now with health care.

The GOP members in the House, which is 1/3 of congress are obsess with delegitimizing  Obama, as President of the United States of America.  These GOP members represent 10% of the U.S. population.  And that part want to delegitimize Obama, as president of the President of the United States of America also.  So we have a government shut down for this rebellion.  The strategy of the GOP members was to obstruct Obama’s Administration even before he took the oath office of the Presidency in 2009.

These GOP members in the House have a laundry list of demands which has nothing to do with paying on the government debt.  Passed spending by congress.  These GOP members have resorted to hostage taking as a way to legislate to pass their political agenda in congress.  These GOP members are financed by big money, (the Koch Brothers).  Have spent over two hundred million dollars to repeal, or defund Obama Care in the last year. And have spent over two billion dollars to make Obama, a one term president in the 2012 election.    With the GOP message they have become a party of exclusion with only 10% of the population in the red states, (Republicans) .

With unlimited amount of campaign funds for elections.  There is a thin line between donation and a bribe.  To donate is for campaign finance.  Bribery is ownership of the campaigner.  And that lead to corrupt politicians.  That lead to billionaires and millionaires owning government for power over the people.

The people are very angry.  One register republican party member.  Stated that he had been a lifelong republican, and voted republican in all elections.  But in the next election he was going shut down those republicans who were responsible for shutting down the government.  There is outrage among the population all across this nation.  The GOP approval rating is at its lowest level 24% and, still falling.  More than 53% blame the GOP for the shutdown of the government.  Those of the Tea Party have hurt the brand of the republican party.  Now this shutdown of the government has been call the Cruzcifixion of Ted Cruz.   “Old Ted Cruz.”  Where forth are thou?  You can come out from hiding wherever you are.

And 90% of the people will not vote for a republican president.  The GOP want to make the presidency weak so they can legislate by hosting taken.   To have absolute power and control over the people’s government is what The Republican Party want.

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Obama’s Health Care Plan

Obama’s Health Care Plan have been call by the Republicans as “Obama Care,” as if that is a negative.  With this bill 30 million uninsured or under insured citizens will be able to enroll in a Health plan. That’s a positive .  I would like to clarify that misinformation  about the mandate of this health care bill.  By going to the Constitution.

ARTICLE 1. The Legislative, (lawmaking) BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT.”

“Section 8. Power of Congress.”

1. “Power to lay (raise) and collect taxes (money used to pay expenses of government), for the purpose of national defense and general welfare of the United States.”

3. “Congress has the power to regulate commerce (control trade), both foreign commerce (trade with another country) and interstate commerce (trade among the states).”

This health care bill was using Interstate Commerce Clause as a way to collect a penalty for the mandate of this bill. Since health care is not a commodity.  It made this mandate unconstitutional for the Federal Government to collect money for this mandate as a commodity.

John Roberts, of the Supreme Court remove ‘commerce’ from this Health Care Bill and replace it with a ‘tax’, which made this bill constitutional.  Republicans call this raising taxes on Americans Citizens. Even though this mandate is a charge for personal Health Care Reform. Therefore this is not a tax.  This mandate is a penalty for those who choose not to enroll in a Health Care Plan.  And this mandate is collected under the Federal Government Tax Code.

For those who refer to this mandate as a tax. This is misinformation and is only about political gain for the republican party base.  And pay their donors, (big money), for their campaign money.  This is an example of bad government, which is not good for the people.

This Health Care Bill is now the law of the land.  Upheld by The Supreme Court as constitutional.  We need to promote the benefits of this Health Care Bill.   Good government is not base on politics but, on Constitutional Law.  What I hear from dissenters are disrespect for the Constitution, the Supreme Court and a government of the

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

people by the people and, for the people.  I would like to ask the republicans.  Where is their respect for the Federal Government and, its people?  Which they took an oath to defend and, uphold the constitution.  You can only serve the people under a united congress.

As in The Preamble.    

5. “To promote the general welfare–to help give a higher standard of living for the people of the United States through better government.”

6. “To Secure the blessing of liberty (freedom) for ourselves and our posterity (future generations of Americans)–to protect the rights of all United States citizens for all time.”

Those GOP members who speak of repealing the Health Care Bill.  This repeal is base on their assessment of the cost of the health care bill, which they are projecting hypothetical dollars as a short-term cost.  But lack the reductions of the over all cost in the long-term health care plan.

You can’t project that cost of the Affordable Care Act before it go into full effect in 2014-2015 and beyond.  Those who speak of repeal,  don’t have a replacement of a  Health Care Bill.  They only have sound bites, and want to repeal this bill because it has Obama’s,  name attached to it.  Without any solutions for the uninsured or the under-insured.  As in the Health Care Bill.

The GOP members have voted 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  These are symbolic votes against Obama as president.  And for this they are willing to shut down the government unless President Obama, sign a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  These GOP members have said, “we are willing to hold the U.S. Budget hostage.”  And not pay any of the government bills until President Obama, sign a bill to de-fund the Affordable Care Act.  This law is now part of the U.S. Constitution.  To de-fund the U.S. Constitution  the United State of America would go into default and fall into economic collapse.  Whoever would propose such insanity is Un-American and Anti-Government.

These GOP Members claim they want to take back their government.  Going back to 1801-1809 in the days of President Thomas Jefferson, no political party has ever own the United States Government.  The U.S. Government belong to the citizens of America.  And the citizens of the U.S.A. elected congress to administrator the people’s government.  This is their code words for taking over the government from U.S. Citizens.  And create a totalitarian nation.  Imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life.    How are they going to do this; you may ask?  By suppressing all that would vote against their personal agenda.  And by gerrymandering their local electoral districts.  Drawing lines that would exclude democratic electoral voters.  Why are they doing this?  As a campaign against Obama, as President of the United States.

This nation has tried to get a health care plan, going back to 1900-1909 of President Teddy Roosevelt’s, Administration.  It has taken 100 years to get this health bill pass by congress.  It may not be perfect, but it is a foundation to work out any problems that may arise in this health care  law, by congress.  To repeal this law now may take another 100 years to pass a new law for health care.

This Affordable Care Act is comprehensive health care.  It cover per-existing conditions, preventive health care, mental health care, prescription medication, and no life-time $500,000 cost limits.  Parents can keep their children on their policy until they are 26 years old.  And health care cost will level off in the long run.  Because there will be fewer people going to the emergency room for treatment in your health group plan.  This is the reason your health care cost have been going up in the past.  I give you an example of this in my blog. “The Young Doc”

The Republican Governor of Florida has refuse his citizens Obama’s Health Care Plan.  And because of this six of his citizens are dying every day.  There twenty-six other state governors who have refuse their citizens this health care also.  There was a 36-year-old woman in the state of Florida. With a heart problem.  She is a single mom with 3 children. Her medication for her heart cost $350 a month.  With Obama-Care that same medicine  would cost $35.00 a month.  She had a minimum wage job.  Like any mom she took that $350 to feed and take of her children.  And she die because her government deny her the access to Obama-Care for her heart problem.

They have condemn their citizens to death because, these governors hate Obama, as president.  This could be your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, or even your child.  And these governors are playing politics with these people lives.

You need to re-register as an independent voter because, these republicans governors have a disregard for life.  And you can vote for the person and, not the party.   You can vote these governors out of  office.

President Obama, is giving back tax dollars to the states that accept the Affordable Care Act aka, “Obama-care.”  If your governor refuse the ACA.  Some of your tax dollars is going to the states that accept the ACA.  And you are penalized for not enrolling in a health insurance plan.  This penalty will be deducted from your income tax refund.  You only have your governor to blame.

The ACA bill was sign into law by President Obama, and, now is the law of the land.  And as a citizen of the U.S. you are allowed to enroll into a health insurance plan of your choice.  But your governor has to sign this law into your state.  If not you are deny this part of the U.S. Constitution.

These republican members of congress that voted 50 time to repeal “Obama-Care”,( ACA).  Really wanted to destroy the United State Constitution and, take away your democracy.  As in your health and, welfare for future generations of Americans.

They are not able to represent you as a citizen, while  representing the Health Insurance Companies.  And you are paying these members of congress six-figure salaries.

Joni Ernst, a republican from the state Iowa.  She is campaigning for a congressional seat in Washington D.C.  Her clam to fame is that she castrate hogs.  If elected she would castrate the ACA. By nullification.  Here we go again, another republican repeal “Obama-care.”  This is what happen when politicians and governors are motivate by hate.  “Obama-care” is the code word for the hatred of Obama, as president.

So when you go to vote.  Don’t be motivated by hate, because it is self-destructive.  And lets keep Joni Erst, on the hog farm.  Because there aren’t have any hogs in Congress.

If you are enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan in your state your premium have declined by 5% in the first 9 months after President Obama, sign the ACA into the U.S. Constitution. That decrease would be greater if all of  republicans governors had signed the ACA into their State Constitution.  These republicans politicians are more in interested  in their own personal agenda.  And not about your health and welfare.

This would leave 30 million citizens without Obama’s Health Care Plan.  If republicans repeal the ACA, aka Obama-care.

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GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff

Is the GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff?  Because of spending cuts on entitlements like, Medical, Medicaid.  Society Security is a “retirement plan” that all employers and employees pay into for employees retirement.  This fund is collected and manage by the Federal Government.  Why are the GOP willing to take retires funds to pay on the national debt?  Because those GOP members want to give a tax cut to the top 2% income earners.  And make seniors and the poor pay for a tax cut for the wealthy.     Retires or the poor didn’t approve of these wars or any spending by government.  The GOP approve these wars and all government spending.  These entitlements are not the reason our debt is 16 trillion dollars.  It is because we have engage in two wars for ten years on a credit card.  And to pay on national disasters year after year, discretionary spending, and the defense budget.

GOP approve these wars and it is up the GOP house to increase revenue to pay down the debt on these wars.  The GOP House blame President Obama for the 16 trillion dollars debt, and he has only been in office for 3 1/2 years.  These wars were started 10 years ago  under George Bush administration.  The GOP has become the “Grand Old Party” for the rich.

I would like to remind the GOP members. When we bring our troops home from

Afghanistan after 2014.  We will recover from our war debt by 2025.  There-by reducing our budget deficit in ten-year cycles.

Any GOP member who believe that cutting entitlements is going to cut our budget deficit of 16 trillion dollars is “delusional.”  The math doesn’t add up.  Any time we go to war.  We must increase revenue to pay our war debt.  We need to cut defense spendingThe Pentagon doesn’t need the appropriation that has been approved by the GOP house


Entitlement (Photo credit: Will Merydith)

members are recommending for the defense budget.  Lets cut entitlements on major corporation like “oil companies” where their profits are billions of dollars a year. This is, “major corporation welfare.”  This is part of the 16 trillion dollars budget deficit.  We can’t afford to give hand-outs to billion dollar companies.

Going over the Fiscal  Cliff will cause a recession in the U.S economy in 2013.  And going over the Fiscal Cliff on the debt ceiling will drag down the global economy.  Because all world trade is base on the value of the U.S. Dollar.  We do not live in a world of isolation.  The world’s economies are inter-connected by trade.

I see the GOP as a ship at sea with a broken rudder.  They are lost and looking for something to hold on to.  And they have grab onto Grover Norquist‘s  Americans for Tax Reform.  And sign Grover’s pledge for primary election money.  To become viable as a political party for a special interest group.  But the GOP are losing the base of the people on demographic.  This makes the GOP irrelevant as a party for the people and by the people.   This GOP will hold the debt ceiling hostage for political gain for the Grand Old Party.  GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff for their political agenda.

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The Young Doc

The story of the “Young Doc” I was hired to work at a hospital in Stockton, CA as housekeeper, (because it was a lower pay scale). But working as a janitor.  I was under

paid. My work site was on the surgical ward.  When I found out that would be working on the

surgical ward.  I stop eating red meat.  Because I couldn’t stomach eating bloody red meat and going to clean red bloody surgical rooms.  Walter Pickens and I worked the swing shift, (3:00pm – 11:00pm.)  We had to change into surgical green uniforms and shoe covers before going in to any surgical rooms.

When we came to work there would be one or two rooms where surgery was in progress.  So we had to check all four rooms to see if any needed to be clean.  This was an easy 8 hour shift.  You may wonder why it took two guys to do one or two hours of work.  Because no surgical room could be left unclean over night.  There was the possibility contaminated blood left for only a few hours could infect the next patient in that surgical room. If Walter or I were sick and couldn’t come to work the other one would have to be there Monday – Friday.  Or no emergency surgery could be schedule after hours without Walter or I were there.

I had been on the job about two months.  When our supervise came to tell Walter and I that emergency surgery was schedule for after hours that evening.  And that one of us had to stay, scrub and get ready to be one of the surgical team.  Walter said,” I am not staying.”  Being the newbie  I had to stay as the “Young Doc” in surgery.

Hospital regulation stated there had to be five or more surgical members on a team during all operations. And each one had to be listed by name on the surgical report.  There were only


Surgery (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

two doctors and two nurses.  They couldn’t list me as a janitor as part of the surgical team.  So I was listed as Dr. Jason A Lewis Jr.

The patient was a farm labor from Mexico that had stepped on a rusty nail.  And gangrene had set in on his lift foot.  He had three amputations, starting with his left foot, and progress up to his thigh.  It was the amputation that I was a member of the four surgical team.  One nurse said, “Dr. Lewis you are the youngest member of any surgical team. At only 19 years old.”  After that night my co-workers call me “Doc.”

During surgery I was an observer; which last for about three and half hours.  Doctor Jones said, “Dr. Lewis you can do the next amputation.”  And I said, ” no problem Doc.”  After surgery I had to take the thigh that had been wrap up in brown paper and place it in the morgue and place it into the freezer.  I carried it under my arm against my side.  Degrading tissue had set in on the thigh and cause it to heat up more than my body temperature.  It felt like a warm ham against my side. Then I had to go back and  clean the surgical room.

When I came to work that next day.  I wanted to know how our patient was doing. I was told, he had pass that same night, before I came to work.  I didn’t know him personally but, I felt that we had fail to save his life.  He waited too long to come the hospital for treatment on his foot, because he didn’t have health insurance.   This is one example of why we need Obama’s Health Care Plan.  This patient came into the Emergency Room of this hospital and had 4 operations.  All in that health care plan were billed for this patient‘s hospital care. Which make you pay a higher premium for your health care.  When there are more people enroll in a health care plan.  Your premium will be reduced.

Surprisingly this surgical report follow me when I went into the army, (1964).  When it came time to choose my advance training career with the army.  I was asked if I wanted to be a medic, because of my experience in surgery.  That I would be given a promotion and a pay upgrade after my training was complete. I said, “no I had enough paying doctor.”  And wanted to go into the signal corps.  So much for the “Young Doc.”

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Obama Against Terrorists

Obama Against Terrorists as president. But in the last election, Mitt Romney was campaigning for the office of president. When ask. If he would bring bin Laden to justice? His answer, “it’s not worth it to spend billion of dollars to bring one man to justice.” This is the voice of  CEO who would put capital gains above those innocent victims who lost their lives and their surviving family members on September 11, 2001. Which show the insensitivity to those families and their love ones.

I would remind Mitt Romney that September 11, 2001 was an attack on the United States. This was our Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. When every we are attacked by a foreign or domestic enemy. We will never tuck our tail between our legs and lick our wounds.  And say it cost too many dollars for the United States to defend its self.  There is more than the lost of dollars in this attack, Mitt Romney. What price do you put on human life? Those that lost their lives in that attack were not the enemy of our enemy. They were all innocent people.

We need a president that is a strong Commander-in-Chief for the security of our nation.  We are not looking for a strong CEO as Commander-in-Chief who would put capital gains above the protection of the U.S. and all of its citizens. President Obama have shown that strength by bringing bin Laden to justice.  Because he felt the pain of those surviving families members of September 11, 2001.  Mitt Romney, the CEO is too entrenched in capital investment to be compassionate about the lost of life in times of war. To him this would just be collateral damage as job loss and capital gains for the CEO. Therefore Mitt Romney doesn’t connect with the people below CEO level.

Governor Romney accuse President Obama of spiking the football after bring Osama bin Laden to justice. Mitt Romney, you can’t make those family members of September 11 2001 believe that lost of their love ones lives was a football game.  Those family members cried out to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. So they could have closure for the lost of their love ones.

For President Obama to bring bin Laden to justice was a strategic tactical move against Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden who was an ideological leader that al Qaeda and the terrorists drew their inspiration from. Because of President Obama bold and courageous decision to take out bin Laden. Now Al Qaeda is a group of terrorists without their inspirational leader. And al Qaeda is on the run and without a permanent base from which to use, but they are still dangerous.  They want to kill Americans here in the U.S. and abroad. This is why we need a strong Commander-in-Chief in this decade and the next. Do we really need a presidential candidate who campaign as strong CEO or a strong Commander-in-Chief? You decide.

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those political pundits who pretend that this war on terrorism is a football game. Is a disservice to our men and women in uniform, the pentagon, our war college and, the Commander-in-Chief. Mitt Romney haven’t shown in his six years of campaigning that he is ready to make those tough decisions as a strong Commander-in-Chief. As a presidential candidate.  Obama Against Terrorists.

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GOP House Failures

We have a GOP House Failure in the House of Representative. It’s more like a three-ring circus. The tea party republicans oppose the conservative republicans. And the conservative republicans oppose moderate republicans. This leaves the House divided among it-self. Grover Norquist and his, “Americans for Tax Reform” want to unite these opposing parties into the party of “No.” By signing his pledge of no new taxes and no to the President Obama and the democrats in congress.

It doesn’t take a law degree to say no. Any two-year old child can say no. By saying no the house republicans are blocking the United States  Government from moving forward. These republicans are playing a game of political gains for Grover Norquist and the

republican party.  They are also a party of no compromise. All bills must pass the house and the senate before the president can sign it into law.  The house is uncompromising in part because this is election year politics and they,(the republicans) want to make President Obama a one-term president.

The private sector lack confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And the private sector is sitting on over a trillion dollars, but will not invest in the hiring of new employees. Until congress serve the people who elected them into office. GOP members of congress are not about compromise.  When congress fail.  The government will fail also.

The credit rating lacks confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And the United States credit rating was downgraded from AAA to AA.  The GOP wanted the United States Government to fail under President Obama administration to make Obama a one term president.

The people lack confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And will not vote for that failed Representative in the houseCongress has such a low approval rating. That the people will make their voices heard at the ballot box by saying no to the party of “NO.”  To remove this three-ring circus from the House of Representative. And have a government that works for the people.  And not for the RNC, DNC or any other special interest group.  GOP Representatives, leave those elephants at home. Please, do not bring them into the house of the people.  They are making a mess in the House of Representative.

The Legislative Branch of the House of Representative has the power to write all bills about the collection of taxes, and creating a budget each and every fiscal year. Not the president or the Supreme Court. Congress has the power to write bills for the general welfare for all Americans Citizens. Congress doesn’t have the power to sign any bill into law as in the constitution. That power is given to the president. Congress doesn’t have the power to uphold any law as constitutional. The Judicial Branch are responsible for interpreting all laws passed by congress.                                                          

Grover Norquist - Caricature

Grover Norquist – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


The republicans in congress want to rewrite the constitution in their own right-wing image. As an exclusive government for the republican party. Those in favor of a democracy will not vote for a one party rule. Grover Norquist is responsible for GOP House Failures.


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Romney on Benghazi

Romney on Benghazi criticized Barack Obama for the lack of leadership in Libya.  That there should have been more security at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi.  I would correct Romney.  The U.S. Embassy is in Tripoli and , there is security at that U.S. Embassy in Libya.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn’t at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli when he was killed.

Romney is using this International Crisis in Benghazi to gain political points on the campaign trail.  This show that Romney is not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  By revealing intelligence from Benghazi.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi because Libya’s new government was transitioning from Tripoli.  And he wanted to be with the new government in Benghazi.

Whenever the United States is in involved with an International Crisis.  We all need to rally around the president and his administration.  Whenever Romney is speaking against  Barack Obama and his administration on foreign policy he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  For Romney to say that  Barack Obama is weak on foreign policy, he is repeating what our enemy would say.  Who’s side is Romney on anyway?  Does Romney think he is president pro-temp?  Not in the U.S. Constitution.

The Romney, Ryan policy is so extreme that he reject 47%, of minorities, women, students and, seniors.  Romney says those people will not vote for him.  Therefore he  will campaign on giving millionaires and billionaires like him-self another tax cut.  And increase taxes on the middle class to pay for the rich tax cut.

Romney is campaigning on current events, like Benghazi and foreign policy.  By saying Russia is our number one enemy.  Even though we were attacked by Al Qaeda on 9-11.  Romney, say China is our number two enemy because they are cheating on their currency.  While Romney was out-sourcing jobs to China as the CEO of Bain Capital.   Romney has accumulate over $250,000,000 while at Bain Capital and, pay less in taxes than the working class.

Romney ‘s introduction into foreign affairs has damage him as a world leader.  While in London, Romney undermine the readiness for the Olympic Games.  While in Israel, Romney embarrassed the Palestinians.  While in Poland, Romney refuse to answer questions by the news media.  This showed his arrogance toward the working class around the world.

Romney want to use his experience as a Vulture Capitalist,(feeding off employees he fired), while at Bain Capital. Now he want to be the president of the United States and one of the world leaders.

Commit form; “Progressiveness”

Darrel Issa’s so-called investigation in the Fast and Furious tragic escapade has turned into a perfect example of how the U.S. Congress has degenerated into silly, time/money wasting political follies going nowhere, accomplishing nothing and wasting millions in tax dollars.  When one considers the fact that Darrel Issa and his ilk have been responsible for supporting war criminals, insane wars costing trillions, human rights abuse, the destruction of our constitutional rights and a level of corruption never before reached in the U. S History the word HYPOCRISY!!! perfectly describes this whole investigation and the liars who are involved in it.”

Darrel Issa, a republican is a member in the House of Representatives who have put Americans lives at risk in Benghazi and the Middle East.  This year along, Darrel Issa and the republicans have investigated 10 democratic in association with Barack Obama.   Darrel Issa has been a representative for 11 years.  But for the last 4 years he and the republicans would do or say anything to make Barack Obama a one term president. And to make political points for the republican party.  And lose political points from the people.

For the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform to investigate this crisis in Benghazi.  It’s about two questions. Was this a terrorist act? Or was it a spontaneous attack in Benghazi, about an embarrassing movie by an American? In this investigation about how this could have been prevented was never discuss. The fact that four Americans lost their lives in this attack was not the main point of this investigation. Their main point was that this was a cover up by Barack Obama.

Benghazi Roads and skyline

Benghazi Roads and skyline (Photo credit: bbcworldservice)

Romney on Benghazi has put American lives at risk for compromising intelligence.

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Republican House Of Congress

Republican House Of Congress have become like sheep with Grover Norquist, as their

English: Grover Norquist at a political confer...

English: Grover Norquist at a political conference in Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shepherd.  When these republicans signed Grover’s pledge.  Of no new taxes.  Which he call, “Americans For Tax Reform.”  They , (the republicans), now represent Grover and not the people.  Grover said, “this pledge is the voice of the people.”  Grover is implying that his pledge is a part of the constitution.  What I say to Grover,  is not an elected official of the U.S. Government.  Therefore his pledge is irrelevant to the constitution.

I would also remind Grover and the republicans.  It would take a petition sign by 60% of all register voters in the states.  To be the voice of the people.  Therefore Grover is the voice of one shepherd with a flock of sheep, ( GOP Members of congress).  The voice of one doesn’t speak for the many.  The paper that this pledge is written on is as useless as toilet paper.

Grover’s pledge didn’t choose these republicans for congress, and he doesn’t pay their salaries.  It’s the people taxes that pay these republicans salaries.  These republicans want to cut spending on seniors, poor & hungry children, unemployed, under-employed, and veteran benefit.  These republicans need to start cutting their own salaries first.  With a 10% approval rating by the people.  If these republicans were working in the private sector they would be fired.  Since you are their boss and they are administrators for the people’s government.  You are their boss, and have the power to fire them at the ballot box.

These republicans have misquoted the constitution over and over.  By saying, “President Obama, is raising taxes.”  The constitution gave congress the power to raise or lower taxes.  Not the president.  These republicans have taken an oath to up hold and defend the constitution.  After the Affordable Health Act was passed in congress by the House and the Senate, sign into law by President Obama, and upheld by the Supreme Court as constitutional.  These republicans in the house have fought this law 50 times by passing a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and it die in the senate.

These Republicans want to have control of all three branches of government.  They don’t approve of President Obama, as the Executive Branch of Government.  And they don’t approve of the Supreme Court, as the Judaical Branch of Government.  Republicans in congress are in the Legislative Branch of Government.  Their sole responsibility is law making as stated in the constitution.  They want to control of all three branches of government.  They had that in old U.S.S.R. One party rule.  Where only the elite the wealthy benefited.  Every one else was given propaganda.

The House Republicans have put on charade after charade on TV for the people.  I call this “Republican TV Court.” They are competing with Judge Judy, for TV time.  These House Republicans declare the Affordable Care Act is in their opinion is unconstitutional because the mandate is the largest tax increase in modern time, and they are going to repeal this law.  In essence this mandate is a penalty for those who choose to disobey this health care law. This penalty is collected under the IRS tax code.  Our constitution wasn’t written with the word penalty for a mandate.  For those of such narrow-mindedness.  This charade is a bridge to nowhere and, cost the tax payers 50 million dollars.  There was another charade by these republicans.  That President Obama, was involved with running assault weapons to Mexico.  This charade was called “Fast and Ferocious.”  This is a bridge to nowhere and cost the tax payers more money.

These republicans speak and, bury their heads in the sand.  “Not even the swiftest horse can over take the word once spoken.”  A lie told yesterday, is a lie today, and will be a lie tomorrow.  These charades by the republicans are illusions.  We don’t need actors in congress to put on a dog and pony show.  And we don’t need republicans to be lead by a shepherd, (Grover Norquist). What we need in congress are those that can think and, reason with a logical mind on their own in the Republican House of Congress.

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What Is Our Constitution?

What is our constitution to our government? A democracy. We live in a country where we, (the people) elect officials to govern for us. As citizens we do not handle the affairs of government. To make our wishes known in our government. We elect representatives, who speak and act for us.

As citizens it is important that we need to know how our federal government gets its power. How it is set up to operate honestly and effectively for all the citizens of the United States. We can find this information in our U.S. Constitution. It is a contract,(written agreement in -1789) between the government and the citizens of the States.

More to the point, ours is a consent of the people. A government by the people with a written contract called a constitution. This document is only as good as we the people make it. If not enforced it become meaningless.

We as good citizens can make our constitution more effective, by being well-informed about what our representatives in government are doing. We can do this by taken an interest in and voting in all election. By writing letters expressing our opinions to our elected officials.

Also we can take court action…..what is call a test case, against any law that we feel is not constitutional. And by petitions, support by signatures of citizens who are for or against any action taken by our elected officials.

By seeing that our government operate in the interest of all people of the United States. We the people must accept this responsibility to remain a free people for our constitution enable us to have. We should read the Preamble. Which is the reason for writing the constitution.

Even in a democracy, everyone cannot be satisfied all the time. But our government     should be able to do the most good for most of the people most of the time. But we know that our government can’t always please everyone. Common sense tells us this would be an impossible task.

I would like to quote from the late John F. Kennedys, 1961 inauguration speech. Ask

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not what your country can do for you!  “Ask what you can do for your country.”

This blog  answer what you can do for your country as citizens.  Be well-informed, and vote in all elections

Now that you have read my blog. What Is Our Constitution?

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