U.S. FlagWith the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 6, 2012, the nation began to absorb the stark realization that it is in the midst of an idealistic and demographic transformation.  The change involves the newly formed coalition of numerous groups from within the mosaic which is America.  Those groups represent the following:


African Americans



Native Americans


The above as well as a large number of America’s highly educated underprivileged and under-served people of the United States of all colors and ethnic origins.

This blog has been built in support of America and the new coalition which has and will continue to make this country an even brighter beacon of hope and salvation for the world. This is an unabashedly liberal/progressive blog.  It is unabashedly liberal because of the negative connotation attributed to the liberal and or progressive label by right wing reactionary ideologues in recent years.

The articles posted will be written through the lens of the aforementioned philosophy.

About Jason A Lewis

I am a retired telephone installer & repairman for 30 years. Serve two years in the U.S Army. Worked in a hospital as a member of a surgical team. Never thought much about politic in the pass. With this political year so negative. It's time that every citizen need to be inform about who is in office and who wants to be in office.
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