The CEO Romney

The CEO Romney  economy is base on the growth of businesses large and small. What is the CEO responsibilities to their company? The CEO is the, (Chief Executive Officer) of the company.  He has to make sure the company is on a positive growth trend year after year.

Although a CEO doesn’t have control of a down turn in the economy. But Wall Street is part of the blame for the CEO reaction.  You see the street give every large company an expectation of what each of these companies profit are to grow year after year. Wall Street is more concern about shareholders and investors. And not about those employees of these companies. The other part of the  blame is companies that make bad business  decisions, like AIG, the Real Estate Bubble, Big Banks, and J.P.Morgan just to name a few.

When a company fail to meet Wall Street expectation. The reaction of the CEO along with the CFO, (Chief Financial Officer) has to resurrect the company finance. By cutting their cost to make sure the company look profitable to venture capitalist and investors in their company.

The CEO will always cut the payroll at the bottom of the pay scale. They see these employees as expendable. In the last five years 20 million employees have been sacrificed to make capital gains for the CEO. Romney said, “I like to fire people.” Because he received a bonus for those laid off employees.

Why didn’t Romney, the CEO make cuts in the top payroll? And save some of those employees who had only one to two years before retiring. Greed makes a person heartless. What profit a man?  If he gain all that wealth and lose his soul.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Dave Delay)

The wealthy speak of trickle down economy to create jobs from his or her multimillion  dollar per year salary. How many nannies can they hire on their personal income in-house. Well we don’t have 20 million unemployed nannies.

Employees at the bottom of the pay scale are the foundation of all companies. They are the ones that produce a product or service to its customers. The CEO as an administrator   doesn’t give neither for its customers.

Lets take the CEO of Ford Motor Company for an example. He doesn’t produce any part of the car that a customer will buy. But when that customer buys a car. A large part of  the car price goes into a CEO salary. When every there’s a down turn in the economy. The CEO will lay-off assembly line workers which are the foundation of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor is the house that Henry Ford built with the CEO and top management as the roof and the assembly line workers as the foundation. When every there’s a leaky roof. Where large part of the  company profit are going through the roof.  The CEO will always want to repair the foundation.

The CEO Romney is not ready for the presidency of the U.S.A.

About Jason A Lewis

I am a retired telephone installer & repairman for 30 years. Serve two years in the U.S Army. Worked in a hospital as a member of a surgical team. Never thought much about politic in the pass. With this political year so negative. It's time that every citizen need to be inform about who is in office and who wants to be in office.
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