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I am a retired telephone installer & repairman for 30 years. Serve two years in the U.S Army. Worked in a hospital as a member of a surgical team. Never thought much about politic in the pass. With this political year so negative. It's time that every citizen need to be inform about who is in office and who wants to be in office.

Rush Limbaugh Against Women

Rush Limbaugh Against Women.  First I would like to commend Ms. Sandra Fluke, (a Georgetown Law student), courage for going before Congress and speaking about women health insurance plan to cover contraceptives for  all women. Every parent with a daughter … Continue reading

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Obama vs Romney

In the 2012 election Governor Romney, was campaigning for the office of the president.  When ask. If he would bring Bin Laden to justice?  His answer, “it’s not worth it to spend billion to bring one man to justice.”  This … Continue reading

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