Rush Limbaugh Against Women

Rush Limbaugh Against Women.  First I would like to commend Ms. Sandra Fluke, (a Georgetown Law student), courage for going before Congress and speaking about women health insurance plan to cover contraceptives for  all women. Every parent with a daughter should be outrage at Rush Limbaugh, usage of the words that describe women who use contraceptives. This is a lack of Rush’s character.  I see him as a frustrated old man who have lost his balance and stumble into the gutter. While trying to

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of mar...

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

free him-self, fell into the sewer. And he is full of you know what….

Rush Limbaugh, choose words that you would only here in a pool hall or in one of those so call, gentlemen club. These are men acting badly. Those words are obscene, indecent, vulgar and rude. To characterize women who use contraception as prostitutes is an attack on women freedom of choice. I think all women should be able to choose when they want to bring a baby into the world.

That should be between her and her God. Not Rush Limbaugh, or the republican party. Without the availability of contraceptive there would be more teen pregnancies. More unwanted babies going into orphanage or foster care.

Todd Akin, a GOP member of congress, implied that rape is another form of conception. And a woman can shut down conception if it is a legitimate rape. Another GOP member said, “if a woman is raped and conception take place that is God plan.” Now we have GOP politicians speaking for GOD?  I would say, rape is another from of sex slavery.  Our constitution forbid slavery of all kinds. Rape should be re-classify as sex slavery. The republican platform assumes that the word, “rape” is some how a slap on a woman face. Rape is an assault on a woman body and her reproductive system.

Rape (mating) is a form of breeding.  That is what animals do to produce an offspring. Human women want to get married and raise a family. Human women shouldn’t be forced as breeders in our society.  A child conceived by force, (rape) may not be loved by the mother. She may even hate this child, because of the father rapist. This would be 18 years of punishment for her to raise this child. While the rapist would be free to rape again.  This is a violation of the Bill of Rights.  Amendment 10: Powers of the States and the people. All women are people too.

Rush Limbaugh, would sell out his own mother, for the republican party. Without contraceptive most women would be capable of producing 10 – 15 children in their life time. I would like to remind Rush Limbaugh and these republicans. That we are a society of Human Beings and not animals. We can see that Rush Limbaugh, and the republicans think every women should be treated like animals. For any man who would condemn the very act that brought him into this world.  He shall be known as a disgrace to the human race.

And,doesn’t deserve to be a part of the human race. He should go forth and live among the wild beast. Then he can treat those women like animals. For all of you who don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh and republicans  views on women health issue. You should go to the ballot box and make your voice loud & clear. That you will not support any candidate with those views on women health issue. That you will vote for the person and not the party. When ever that party doesn’t represent you.

The Bill of Rights                                                                                                                                   AMENDMENT 10. POWERS OF THE STATES AND PEOPLE                                                    “Any power that are not the exclusive powers of the United States Government, or that are not specifically denied the state’s government by the constitution, are the power of the states, or of the people.”                                                                                                                      Women are people of the states.  To chose what is good for their own welfare.  When politicians restrict a woman personal freedom…..our constitution becomes meaningless. Our democracy is for all the people.

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Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rush Limbaugh said, in his closing statement. If the tax payers cover the cost of contraceptives for Ms. Sandra Fluke. He would like to watch her engage in sex on you-tube. That makes Rush Limbaugh a pervert.

Rush Limbaugh has become as mad as a junk yard dog foaming at the mouth with vulgar attacks on Ms. Sandra Fluke. It is time to put a muzzle on this mad dog before he bite someone else. Mad Dog! Mad Dog!  Who let this dog out? We need to have the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission), to revoke Rush’s Radio license, because he has slip beyond Human Decency on the public air ways. With fines of the radio station for violations of broadcast standards.

I will close with every women should have the right for romance and love in their lives. After all it is romance that brought every baby boy or girl into the world. Women are creators of life. Let no man take away what God have given. You can see that Rush Limbaugh Against Women and republicans have place them self above God.

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Obama vs Romney

In the 2012 election Governor Romney, was campaigning for the office of the president.  When ask. If he would bring Bin Laden to justice?  His answer, “it’s not worth it to spend billion to bring one man to justice.”  This is the voice of CEO who put capital gains above those innocent victims who lost their lives and their surviving family members on September 11 2001.  Which show the insensitivity to those families and their love ones.

I would remind Governor Romney, that September 11, 2011 was an attack on the United States. This was our Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. When every we are attacked by a foreign  or domestic enemy.  We will never tuck   our tail and lick our wounds.  And say it cost too many dollars for the United States to defend it’s self.  There is more than the lost of dollars in this attack. They were not the enemy of our enemy.  They were all innocent people.

We need a president that is a strong Commander-in-Chief for the security of our nation.  We are not looking for strong CEO as Commander-in-Chief who would put capital gains above the protection of the U.S. and all of its citizens.  President Obama, have shown that strength by bringing Bin Laden to justice.  Because he felt the pain of those surviving families member of September 11,2001.  Mitt Romney, the CEO is too entrenched in capital investment to be compassionate about the lost of life in times of was.  To him this would just be collateral damage as job loss and capital gains for the CEO.  Therefore Government Romney, doesn’t connect with the people below CEO level.

Government Romney, accuse President Obama, of spiking the football after bring Bin Laden, to justice.  Mitt, you can’t make those family members of September 11, 2001 believe that the lost of their  love ones lives was a football game.  Those family members cried out to bring Bin Laden, to justice.  So they could have closure for the lost of their love ones.

For President Obama, to bring Bin Laden, to justice was a strategic tactical move against al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden, was ideological leader that al Qaeda is terrorist drew inspiration from him .  Because of President Obama, bold and courageous decision to take out Bin Laden.  Now al Qaeda was on the run and without a permanent base from which to operate, but they were still dangerous.  They want kill Americans here in the U.S. and abroad.  This is why we need a strong Commander-in-Chief in this decade and the next.  Do we really need a presidential candidate who campaign as strong CEO or a strong Commander-in-Chief? You decide.

Those political Pundits who pretend that war on terrorism is a football game.  Is a disservice to our men and women, the pentagon, our war college and the  commander-in-Chief.  Governor Romney, haven’t shown in his six years of campaigning that he is ready to make those tough decisions as a strong Commander-in-Chief As a president candidate.    It is Obama vs Romney.



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