GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff

Is the GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff?  Because of spending cuts on entitlements like, Medical, Medicaid.  Society Security is a “retirement plan” that all employers and employees pay into for employees retirement.  This fund is collected and manage by the Federal Government.  Why are the GOP willing to take retires funds to pay on the national debt?  Because those GOP members want to give a tax cut to the top 2% income earners.  And make seniors and the poor pay for a tax cut for the wealthy.     Retires or the poor didn’t approve of these wars or any spending by government.  The GOP approve these wars and all government spending.  These entitlements are not the reason our debt is 16 trillion dollars.  It is because we have engage in two wars for ten years on a credit card.  And to pay on national disasters year after year, discretionary spending, and the defense budget.

GOP approve these wars and it is up the GOP house to increase revenue to pay down the debt on these wars.  The GOP House blame President Obama for the 16 trillion dollars debt, and he has only been in office for 3 1/2 years.  These wars were started 10 years ago  under George Bush administration.  The GOP has become the “Grand Old Party” for the rich.

I would like to remind the GOP members. When we bring our troops home from

Afghanistan after 2014.  We will recover from our war debt by 2025.  There-by reducing our budget deficit in ten-year cycles.

Any GOP member who believe that cutting entitlements is going to cut our budget deficit of 16 trillion dollars is “delusional.”  The math doesn’t add up.  Any time we go to war.  We must increase revenue to pay our war debt.  We need to cut defense spendingThe Pentagon doesn’t need the appropriation that has been approved by the GOP house


Entitlement (Photo credit: Will Merydith)

members are recommending for the defense budget.  Lets cut entitlements on major corporation like “oil companies” where their profits are billions of dollars a year. This is, “major corporation welfare.”  This is part of the 16 trillion dollars budget deficit.  We can’t afford to give hand-outs to billion dollar companies.

Going over the Fiscal  Cliff will cause a recession in the U.S economy in 2013.  And going over the Fiscal Cliff on the debt ceiling will drag down the global economy.  Because all world trade is base on the value of the U.S. Dollar.  We do not live in a world of isolation.  The world’s economies are inter-connected by trade.

I see the GOP as a ship at sea with a broken rudder.  They are lost and looking for something to hold on to.  And they have grab onto Grover Norquist‘s  Americans for Tax Reform.  And sign Grover’s pledge for primary election money.  To become viable as a political party for a special interest group.  But the GOP are losing the base of the people on demographic.  This makes the GOP irrelevant as a party for the people and by the people.   This GOP will hold the debt ceiling hostage for political gain for the Grand Old Party.  GOP Over The Fiscal Cliff for their political agenda.

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The Young Doc

The story of the “Young Doc” I was hired to work at a hospital in Stockton, CA as housekeeper, (because it was a lower pay scale). But working as a janitor.  I was under

paid. My work site was on the surgical ward.  When I found out that would be working on the

surgical ward.  I stop eating red meat.  Because I couldn’t stomach eating bloody red meat and going to clean red bloody surgical rooms.  Walter Pickens and I worked the swing shift, (3:00pm – 11:00pm.)  We had to change into surgical green uniforms and shoe covers before going in to any surgical rooms.

When we came to work there would be one or two rooms where surgery was in progress.  So we had to check all four rooms to see if any needed to be clean.  This was an easy 8 hour shift.  You may wonder why it took two guys to do one or two hours of work.  Because no surgical room could be left unclean over night.  There was the possibility contaminated blood left for only a few hours could infect the next patient in that surgical room. If Walter or I were sick and couldn’t come to work the other one would have to be there Monday – Friday.  Or no emergency surgery could be schedule after hours without Walter or I were there.

I had been on the job about two months.  When our supervise came to tell Walter and I that emergency surgery was schedule for after hours that evening.  And that one of us had to stay, scrub and get ready to be one of the surgical team.  Walter said,” I am not staying.”  Being the newbie  I had to stay as the “Young Doc” in surgery.

Hospital regulation stated there had to be five or more surgical members on a team during all operations. And each one had to be listed by name on the surgical report.  There were only


Surgery (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

two doctors and two nurses.  They couldn’t list me as a janitor as part of the surgical team.  So I was listed as Dr. Jason A Lewis Jr.

The patient was a farm labor from Mexico that had stepped on a rusty nail.  And gangrene had set in on his lift foot.  He had three amputations, starting with his left foot, and progress up to his thigh.  It was the amputation that I was a member of the four surgical team.  One nurse said, “Dr. Lewis you are the youngest member of any surgical team. At only 19 years old.”  After that night my co-workers call me “Doc.”

During surgery I was an observer; which last for about three and half hours.  Doctor Jones said, “Dr. Lewis you can do the next amputation.”  And I said, ” no problem Doc.”  After surgery I had to take the thigh that had been wrap up in brown paper and place it in the morgue and place it into the freezer.  I carried it under my arm against my side.  Degrading tissue had set in on the thigh and cause it to heat up more than my body temperature.  It felt like a warm ham against my side. Then I had to go back and  clean the surgical room.

When I came to work that next day.  I wanted to know how our patient was doing. I was told, he had pass that same night, before I came to work.  I didn’t know him personally but, I felt that we had fail to save his life.  He waited too long to come the hospital for treatment on his foot, because he didn’t have health insurance.   This is one example of why we need Obama’s Health Care Plan.  This patient came into the Emergency Room of this hospital and had 4 operations.  All in that health care plan were billed for this patient‘s hospital care. Which make you pay a higher premium for your health care.  When there are more people enroll in a health care plan.  Your premium will be reduced.

Surprisingly this surgical report follow me when I went into the army, (1964).  When it came time to choose my advance training career with the army.  I was asked if I wanted to be a medic, because of my experience in surgery.  That I would be given a promotion and a pay upgrade after my training was complete. I said, “no I had enough paying doctor.”  And wanted to go into the signal corps.  So much for the “Young Doc.”

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Obama Against Terrorists

Obama Against Terrorists as president. But in the last election, Mitt Romney was campaigning for the office of president. When ask. If he would bring bin Laden to justice? His answer, “it’s not worth it to spend billion of dollars to bring one man to justice.” This is the voice of  CEO who would put capital gains above those innocent victims who lost their lives and their surviving family members on September 11, 2001. Which show the insensitivity to those families and their love ones.

I would remind Mitt Romney that September 11, 2001 was an attack on the United States. This was our Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. When every we are attacked by a foreign or domestic enemy. We will never tuck our tail between our legs and lick our wounds.  And say it cost too many dollars for the United States to defend its self.  There is more than the lost of dollars in this attack, Mitt Romney. What price do you put on human life? Those that lost their lives in that attack were not the enemy of our enemy. They were all innocent people.

We need a president that is a strong Commander-in-Chief for the security of our nation.  We are not looking for a strong CEO as Commander-in-Chief who would put capital gains above the protection of the U.S. and all of its citizens. President Obama have shown that strength by bringing bin Laden to justice.  Because he felt the pain of those surviving families members of September 11, 2001.  Mitt Romney, the CEO is too entrenched in capital investment to be compassionate about the lost of life in times of war. To him this would just be collateral damage as job loss and capital gains for the CEO. Therefore Mitt Romney doesn’t connect with the people below CEO level.

Governor Romney accuse President Obama of spiking the football after bring Osama bin Laden to justice. Mitt Romney, you can’t make those family members of September 11 2001 believe that lost of their love ones lives was a football game.  Those family members cried out to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. So they could have closure for the lost of their love ones.

For President Obama to bring bin Laden to justice was a strategic tactical move against Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden who was an ideological leader that al Qaeda and the terrorists drew their inspiration from. Because of President Obama bold and courageous decision to take out bin Laden. Now Al Qaeda is a group of terrorists without their inspirational leader. And al Qaeda is on the run and without a permanent base from which to use, but they are still dangerous.  They want to kill Americans here in the U.S. and abroad. This is why we need a strong Commander-in-Chief in this decade and the next. Do we really need a presidential candidate who campaign as strong CEO or a strong Commander-in-Chief? You decide.

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those political pundits who pretend that this war on terrorism is a football game. Is a disservice to our men and women in uniform, the pentagon, our war college and, the Commander-in-Chief. Mitt Romney haven’t shown in his six years of campaigning that he is ready to make those tough decisions as a strong Commander-in-Chief. As a presidential candidate.  Obama Against Terrorists.

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GOP House Failures

We have a GOP House Failure in the House of Representative. It’s more like a three-ring circus. The tea party republicans oppose the conservative republicans. And the conservative republicans oppose moderate republicans. This leaves the House divided among it-self. Grover Norquist and his, “Americans for Tax Reform” want to unite these opposing parties into the party of “No.” By signing his pledge of no new taxes and no to the President Obama and the democrats in congress.

It doesn’t take a law degree to say no. Any two-year old child can say no. By saying no the house republicans are blocking the United States  Government from moving forward. These republicans are playing a game of political gains for Grover Norquist and the

republican party.  They are also a party of no compromise. All bills must pass the house and the senate before the president can sign it into law.  The house is uncompromising in part because this is election year politics and they,(the republicans) want to make President Obama a one-term president.

The private sector lack confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And the private sector is sitting on over a trillion dollars, but will not invest in the hiring of new employees. Until congress serve the people who elected them into office. GOP members of congress are not about compromise.  When congress fail.  The government will fail also.

The credit rating lacks confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And the United States credit rating was downgraded from AAA to AA.  The GOP wanted the United States Government to fail under President Obama administration to make Obama a one term president.

The people lack confidence in congress and gave them an “F” for failure. And will not vote for that failed Representative in the houseCongress has such a low approval rating. That the people will make their voices heard at the ballot box by saying no to the party of “NO.”  To remove this three-ring circus from the House of Representative. And have a government that works for the people.  And not for the RNC, DNC or any other special interest group.  GOP Representatives, leave those elephants at home. Please, do not bring them into the house of the people.  They are making a mess in the House of Representative.

The Legislative Branch of the House of Representative has the power to write all bills about the collection of taxes, and creating a budget each and every fiscal year. Not the president or the Supreme Court. Congress has the power to write bills for the general welfare for all Americans Citizens. Congress doesn’t have the power to sign any bill into law as in the constitution. That power is given to the president. Congress doesn’t have the power to uphold any law as constitutional. The Judicial Branch are responsible for interpreting all laws passed by congress.                                                          

Grover Norquist - Caricature

Grover Norquist – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


The republicans in congress want to rewrite the constitution in their own right-wing image. As an exclusive government for the republican party. Those in favor of a democracy will not vote for a one party rule. Grover Norquist is responsible for GOP House Failures.


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Romney on Benghazi

Romney on Benghazi criticized Barack Obama for the lack of leadership in Libya.  That there should have been more security at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi.  I would correct Romney.  The U.S. Embassy is in Tripoli and , there is security at that U.S. Embassy in Libya.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn’t at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli when he was killed.

Romney is using this International Crisis in Benghazi to gain political points on the campaign trail.  This show that Romney is not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  By revealing intelligence from Benghazi.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi because Libya’s new government was transitioning from Tripoli.  And he wanted to be with the new government in Benghazi.

Whenever the United States is in involved with an International Crisis.  We all need to rally around the president and his administration.  Whenever Romney is speaking against  Barack Obama and his administration on foreign policy he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  For Romney to say that  Barack Obama is weak on foreign policy, he is repeating what our enemy would say.  Who’s side is Romney on anyway?  Does Romney think he is president pro-temp?  Not in the U.S. Constitution.

The Romney, Ryan policy is so extreme that he reject 47%, of minorities, women, students and, seniors.  Romney says those people will not vote for him.  Therefore he  will campaign on giving millionaires and billionaires like him-self another tax cut.  And increase taxes on the middle class to pay for the rich tax cut.

Romney is campaigning on current events, like Benghazi and foreign policy.  By saying Russia is our number one enemy.  Even though we were attacked by Al Qaeda on 9-11.  Romney, say China is our number two enemy because they are cheating on their currency.  While Romney was out-sourcing jobs to China as the CEO of Bain Capital.   Romney has accumulate over $250,000,000 while at Bain Capital and, pay less in taxes than the working class.

Romney ‘s introduction into foreign affairs has damage him as a world leader.  While in London, Romney undermine the readiness for the Olympic Games.  While in Israel, Romney embarrassed the Palestinians.  While in Poland, Romney refuse to answer questions by the news media.  This showed his arrogance toward the working class around the world.

Romney want to use his experience as a Vulture Capitalist,(feeding off employees he fired), while at Bain Capital. Now he want to be the president of the United States and one of the world leaders.

Commit form; “Progressiveness”

Darrel Issa’s so-called investigation in the Fast and Furious tragic escapade has turned into a perfect example of how the U.S. Congress has degenerated into silly, time/money wasting political follies going nowhere, accomplishing nothing and wasting millions in tax dollars.  When one considers the fact that Darrel Issa and his ilk have been responsible for supporting war criminals, insane wars costing trillions, human rights abuse, the destruction of our constitutional rights and a level of corruption never before reached in the U. S History the word HYPOCRISY!!! perfectly describes this whole investigation and the liars who are involved in it.”

Darrel Issa, a republican is a member in the House of Representatives who have put Americans lives at risk in Benghazi and the Middle East.  This year along, Darrel Issa and the republicans have investigated 10 democratic in association with Barack Obama.   Darrel Issa has been a representative for 11 years.  But for the last 4 years he and the republicans would do or say anything to make Barack Obama a one term president. And to make political points for the republican party.  And lose political points from the people.

For the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform to investigate this crisis in Benghazi.  It’s about two questions. Was this a terrorist act? Or was it a spontaneous attack in Benghazi, about an embarrassing movie by an American? In this investigation about how this could have been prevented was never discuss. The fact that four Americans lost their lives in this attack was not the main point of this investigation. Their main point was that this was a cover up by Barack Obama.

Benghazi Roads and skyline

Benghazi Roads and skyline (Photo credit: bbcworldservice)

Romney on Benghazi has put American lives at risk for compromising intelligence.

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Republican House Of Congress

Republican House Of Congress have become like sheep with Grover Norquist, as their

English: Grover Norquist at a political confer...

English: Grover Norquist at a political conference in Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shepherd.  When these republicans signed Grover’s pledge.  Of no new taxes.  Which he call, “Americans For Tax Reform.”  They , (the republicans), now represent Grover and not the people.  Grover said, “this pledge is the voice of the people.”  Grover is implying that his pledge is a part of the constitution.  What I say to Grover,  is not an elected official of the U.S. Government.  Therefore his pledge is irrelevant to the constitution.

I would also remind Grover and the republicans.  It would take a petition sign by 60% of all register voters in the states.  To be the voice of the people.  Therefore Grover is the voice of one shepherd with a flock of sheep, ( GOP Members of congress).  The voice of one doesn’t speak for the many.  The paper that this pledge is written on is as useless as toilet paper.

Grover’s pledge didn’t choose these republicans for congress, and he doesn’t pay their salaries.  It’s the people taxes that pay these republicans salaries.  These republicans want to cut spending on seniors, poor & hungry children, unemployed, under-employed, and veteran benefit.  These republicans need to start cutting their own salaries first.  With a 10% approval rating by the people.  If these republicans were working in the private sector they would be fired.  Since you are their boss and they are administrators for the people’s government.  You are their boss, and have the power to fire them at the ballot box.

These republicans have misquoted the constitution over and over.  By saying, “President Obama, is raising taxes.”  The constitution gave congress the power to raise or lower taxes.  Not the president.  These republicans have taken an oath to up hold and defend the constitution.  After the Affordable Health Act was passed in congress by the House and the Senate, sign into law by President Obama, and upheld by the Supreme Court as constitutional.  These republicans in the house have fought this law 50 times by passing a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and it die in the senate.

These Republicans want to have control of all three branches of government.  They don’t approve of President Obama, as the Executive Branch of Government.  And they don’t approve of the Supreme Court, as the Judaical Branch of Government.  Republicans in congress are in the Legislative Branch of Government.  Their sole responsibility is law making as stated in the constitution.  They want to control of all three branches of government.  They had that in old U.S.S.R. One party rule.  Where only the elite the wealthy benefited.  Every one else was given propaganda.

The House Republicans have put on charade after charade on TV for the people.  I call this “Republican TV Court.” They are competing with Judge Judy, for TV time.  These House Republicans declare the Affordable Care Act is in their opinion is unconstitutional because the mandate is the largest tax increase in modern time, and they are going to repeal this law.  In essence this mandate is a penalty for those who choose to disobey this health care law. This penalty is collected under the IRS tax code.  Our constitution wasn’t written with the word penalty for a mandate.  For those of such narrow-mindedness.  This charade is a bridge to nowhere and, cost the tax payers 50 million dollars.  There was another charade by these republicans.  That President Obama, was involved with running assault weapons to Mexico.  This charade was called “Fast and Ferocious.”  This is a bridge to nowhere and cost the tax payers more money.

These republicans speak and, bury their heads in the sand.  “Not even the swiftest horse can over take the word once spoken.”  A lie told yesterday, is a lie today, and will be a lie tomorrow.  These charades by the republicans are illusions.  We don’t need actors in congress to put on a dog and pony show.  And we don’t need republicans to be lead by a shepherd, (Grover Norquist). What we need in congress are those that can think and, reason with a logical mind on their own in the Republican House of Congress.

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What Is Our Constitution?

What is our constitution to our government? A democracy. We live in a country where we, (the people) elect officials to govern for us. As citizens we do not handle the affairs of government. To make our wishes known in our government. We elect representatives, who speak and act for us.

As citizens it is important that we need to know how our federal government gets its power. How it is set up to operate honestly and effectively for all the citizens of the United States. We can find this information in our U.S. Constitution. It is a contract,(written agreement in -1789) between the government and the citizens of the States.

More to the point, ours is a consent of the people. A government by the people with a written contract called a constitution. This document is only as good as we the people make it. If not enforced it become meaningless.

We as good citizens can make our constitution more effective, by being well-informed about what our representatives in government are doing. We can do this by taken an interest in and voting in all election. By writing letters expressing our opinions to our elected officials.

Also we can take court action…..what is call a test case, against any law that we feel is not constitutional. And by petitions, support by signatures of citizens who are for or against any action taken by our elected officials.

By seeing that our government operate in the interest of all people of the United States. We the people must accept this responsibility to remain a free people for our constitution enable us to have. We should read the Preamble. Which is the reason for writing the constitution.

Even in a democracy, everyone cannot be satisfied all the time. But our government     should be able to do the most good for most of the people most of the time. But we know that our government can’t always please everyone. Common sense tells us this would be an impossible task.

I would like to quote from the late John F. Kennedys, 1961 inauguration speech. Ask

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not what your country can do for you!  “Ask what you can do for your country.”

This blog  answer what you can do for your country as citizens.  Be well-informed, and vote in all elections

Now that you have read my blog. What Is Our Constitution?

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